The Door … #BeTheDoor

Savoring my morning coffee and a few quiet moments before facing whatever awaits me on this day, I find myself staring at our back door.  I’d left it open after letting the dogs out to run.

(Yes, it was me.  I let the dogs out.)

We live in my wife’s grandparents’ old house. They built this place in the 1950’s. One of them—Laura’s grandfather—even died here, slipping peacefully into that next life after another busy day at the hospital.  He was a doctor.  A healer.  In more ways than one.

Door1As I sit staring at a dinged up, weather stained door (that needs painting) and blocks of Fenton glass squares that spill rainbows of light into our home, my eyes get stuck on the small plaque mounted on the door.

The ichthus.

Laura and I have been together for over thirty three years, and that “Jesus fish” has been there as long as I can remember.  It’s so familiar that I rarely even notice it.  I didn’t put it there.  It came with the house.

It’s funny … the things we sometimes see when they really matter.

I soon begin to consider all the laughter and tears, heartbreaks and joys that have walked in and out of that door over so many decades.  Through it all, that emblem of faith, hope and love has remained firmly attached like a sentry, silently guarding what’s most precious to us whenever unsuspecting events have forced their way into our home.

Times like now.

As I wait for the dogs to come pawing at the door, I’m confronted by the legacies that have blessed us, and I can’t help but wonder about the ones I leave to my own children … and their children.


These are strange, trying times (but really, aren’t they all?), and we all have a lot coming through the door that we never anticipated.

To get by, we all cope in our own ways.  I often lean on sarcasm and humor to make it through my day.  However, as Laura reminded me long ago, some people don’t catch my humor.  They just think I’m a jerk.  That’s a lousy legacy, I admit.  I should probably reconsider what I do and say.

We all should.

So my friends, on this day I will try to be more like that door — always open to anyone who knocks, scattering rainbows of light that shine through me (not from me), and marked by the emblem of One whose love and strength remain firmly attached no matter what comes across the threshold.

I pray we all might carry such a legacy along this journey.  (However—fair warning—I’ll still probably crack a few sarcastic jokes along the way.)


Wow.  Wouldn’t it be cool to see that trending right now, right alongside #coronavirus?

For just a while, what if we all tried to #BeTheDoor?  Can you imagine?

Share this and let’s make it happen.

Be well, my dear friends.

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